Park Seung Mo

Born 1969

1998 BFA in Dong A University, Korea

Solo Exhibitions
Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea
Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea
Ever Harvest Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Gallery Absinthe, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions
2010 ART TAIPEI (Taipei, Taiwan)
Power of Sculpture Group Exhibition (Samtoh Gallery, Seoul)
KOAS (Insa Art Center, Seoul)
Power of Geonggido (Geonggi Museum of Art)
Life in Art (Pohang City Museum)
Form &Formless (Gallery Form, Busan)
Group exhibition with teachers (Insa Art Center)
2009 Play At Open Space (Ansan Arts Center)
Mad For Furniture (Nefspace,Seoul)
Korean Eye Moon Generation (Phillips de Pury, Company Space at The Saatchi Gallery, London,England )          
KOREAN AESTHETICS (Albemarle Gallery, London,England)
The Body Speaks (Touchart Gallery)
Lodon Art Fair, Lodon, England
Ticktac-Korean sculpture(Gallery Godo, Seoul, Korea   
2008  Albemarle Summer Show, Albemarle Gallery, London, England
Korea Now, Art Rink, Sotherby's, Israel
Beijing Art Fair, Beijing, China
KIAF2008 (Korean International Art Fair),COEX, Seoul, Korea
The party (Gallery Gayang, pusan, Korea
2007    CIGE, Beijing, China
Lines in Space, Kyunggido Museum, Kyunggi, Korea
ACAF, New York, U.S.A
Three Men Show: Park Seung Mo, Lee Jae Hyo, Choi Tae Hoon, Manas Art Center, Kyunggi, Korea
2006 CIGE, Beijing, China
Kyunggido Young Artist Exhibition, Ansan Arts Center, Kyunggi, Korea
Kyunggido Established Artists Exhibition, Yoju, Korea
Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China
 Three Men Sculpture Show, Jang Eun Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2005 CIGE, Beijing, China
2004 Out Door Project, Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea
2003 MANIF, Seoul, Korea
Hangul Exhibition, Mok-A Museum, Kyunggi, Korea
2002 "1234567890" Sculpture Exhibition, INSA Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2001 Sculpture Park Exhibition, Zoo Land, Daejeon, Korea
Hangul Exhibition, Mok-A Museum, Kyunggi, Korea
 Korea Arts Exhibition, National Modern Gallery, Kyunggi, Korea
2000 Nandan Arts Festival, Kolkata, India
1999 Dong A Sculpture Exhibition, Cultural Center, Pusan, Korea
Nan Bu Modern Arts Festival, Jinju Cultural Center, Jinju, Korea
1998 Pusan Arts Festival, Cultural Center, Pusan, Korea
Dong A Sculpture Exhibition, World Gallery, Pusan, Korea
Nam Bu Modern Arts Destuvak, Cultural Center, Pusan, Korea
Korea Arts Exhibition, National Modern Gallery, Kyunggi, Korea
1997 Dong A University Exhibition, Cultural Center, Pusan, Korea
Newcore Arts Exhibition, Kyunggi, Korea
1996 Drawing Exhibition, Gallery 2020, Seoul, Korea